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Wednesday, 26 June 2013 12:35 / Maciej

Information about Viatoll System on our Highways for maximum masses above 3,5t

Highways and express roads in Poland are paid with an electronic ViaToll system if combined maximum allowed masses of your car plus trailer exceed 3,5t. Then you should install ViaToll box and pay for travel because there is an automatic weighing system on several roads. ViaToll box can be returned when you are leaving Poland and deposit will be returned then.
Information about the system and map of roads covered by ViaToll may be found on their website.

To use the network of toll roads covered by the viaTOLL system it is necessary to equip the vehicle with a small on-board electronic device (the viaBOX). This device transmits encoded information about the vehicle to receptors installed on gantries when the vehicle passes beneath them. Using the viaBOX device facilitates electronic payment charge for the use of toll roads.


The viaBOX is delivered once registration, which includes signature of the agreement and payment of the deposit, has been performed. Installation of the viaBOX is very easy; simply attach the viaBOX to the inner side of the vehicle's windscreen using the two-sided fasteners included in the equipment pack. Inside the pack there is also a detailed user guide which describes the installation process and provides additional information about the operation of the viaBOX. The on-board device uses batteries and therefore does not require connection to a power supply within the vehicle. Additionally, each viaBOX can be used only in one registered vehicle. Vehicles with a fully metalized windscreen should use the viaBOX with an external antenna called "viaBOX-2”.

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